Prime Mentors Canada

PRIME Mentors of Canada ...

  • has been delivering special school mentoring services since 1988.
  • received the Presidential Citation from the World Council for the Gifted & Talented Children for contribution in the development of human potential.
  • was nominated for the Nova Corporation Global Best Award in Business and Education Partnership, Lifelong category.
  • was honored by the Federal Departments of Health and Welfare as one of the most outstanding intergenerational programs in Canada
  • serves as a global model for boards of education across Canada and the world: Brazil, Mexico, USA, Germany, Austria, Japan, Belgium,Chile, Peru, Hungary, South Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Spain, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Mexico, Poland, Australia and others.
  • has received coverage in national and international newspapers and has been featured in more than a dozen radio talk shows and TV programs.
  • published "Mentoring Guidebook"; A Practical Guide for Mentors: A Pocket Companion to the PMC Manual"; "Canadian Achievers and Their Mentors: For Those in Search of Inspiration and Role Models".
  • published the PMC magazine which later became the PMC Newsletter.
  • has been endorsed by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.
  • organizes regular tributes to outstanding PMC mentors and recognizes an Honorary PRIME Mentor from the community, one who has served as an exemplary guide, role model, and inspiration to others.
  • offers the first-of-a-kind Child Scholarship since 2000.
  • received a Citation of Laudation from Wolfe's University.
  • has been collaborating with various community organizations in the promotion of peace initiatives.
  • has partnered with the Retired Teachers of Ontario, Toronto District School Board, the Toronto Catholic District School Board, Children's Peace Initiatives, Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Toronto, Golden Key International Honors Society (UT).
  • has initiated the "Community Builders In Action" program with the Children's Peace Initiatives.
  • has launched the "Maximizing Youth Potential for Community Building" program at Flemingdon Park school area.
  • was honored at Queen's Park with formal receptions by past and current Lt. Govs. of Ontario: The Honorable John Aird, Lincoln Alexander and Henry Jackman and on its 18th Anniversary by The Honorable James Bartleman and on its 20th Anniversary by The Honorable David Onley.
  • has received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Toronto District School Board for contributions to student development and school success.
  • organizes the annual PMC Youth Leadership Conference on Maximizing Potential at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.
  • has launched the PRIME Mentors of Canada Community Builders In Action Project Grants for preadolescents and adolescents in PMC participating schools.
  • has initiated the PMC Scholars Community Builders in Action Project Grants.
  • has launched "Sowing Seeds of Caring School by School", a program to mark its 25th Anniversary (funded by TD Underwriting Hope).
  • has initiated an E-Mentoring program between senior and junior PMC Scholars


Anniversaries and Tribute to Mentors


Honorary PRIME Mentors

Men and women who have been awarded honorary PRIME Mentors for their remarkable community service , as source of wisdom, guidance and inspiration and for serving as role models extraordinaire

  • 1994 ... Sir Peter Ustinov (Celebrated Film and Stage Actor; Philanthropist UNICEF World Ambassador)
  • 1996 ... The Honorable Mitchell Sharpe (Federal Minister in different capacities, Advisor and Mentor of Prime Minister Jean Chretien)
  • 1997 ... Sonja Bata, O.C. (Founder/CEO, Bata Museum)
  • 1999 ... Dr. Kenneth G. Mills (Conductor, Composer, Pianist, Fashion Designer, Painter; Motivational Speaker)
  • 2000 ... Robert Gillespie (Chairman/CEO General Electric Canada)
  • 2000 ... Margaux Franssen, O.C. (President/CEO Body Shop)
  • 2002 ... Maureen Forrester, O.C. (Internationally Renowned Contralto)
  • 2004 ... Nicholas Goldshmidt, O.C. (Internationally Renowned Music Impresario; Pianist)
  • 2006 ... Dr. Ursula Franklin, O.C. (Internationally Renowned Physicist, Researcher and Author; University Professor)
  • 2006 ... Dr. Robert Salter, O.C. (Internationally Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, Researcher and Author; University Professor)
  • 2014 ... Dr. Sister Agnes Teresa Sheehan (Humanitarian; Educational Leader; Author; University Professor)


<span class='aslide1'>Sir Peter Ustinov with Senator Stanley and Natalie Haidasz</span> <span class='aslide1'>The Honorable Mitchell Sharpe with Elizabeth Plummer</span> <span class='aslide1'>Dr. Kenneth Mills with Sy Wai Lai and Conchita Tan-Willman</span> <span class='aslide1'>Dr. Kenneth Mills with PMC Chairman Urban Joseph and wife Lucille</span> <span class='aslide1'>Margaux Franssen with former PMC Chairman of the Board, Paul Fisher, and former Lt. Gov. Lincoln Alexander</span> <span class='aslide1'>Robert Gillespie with former Lt. Governor Lincoln Alexander and Andrew Willman</span> <span class='aslide1'>Maureen Forrester with Lt. Governor Lincoln Alexander and Dr. Kenneth Mills</span> <span class='aslide1'>Maureen Forrester</span> <span class='aslide1'>Nicholas Goldschmidt receiving Award from former Lt. Governor Lincoln Alexander</span> <span class='aslide1'>Linda Rosier and Maureen Forrester</span> <span class='aslide1'>Maureen Forrester and Shayen Tuntuglo</span> <span class='aslide1'>Maureen Forrester with Nicholas Goldschmidt and Conchita Tan-Willman</span> <span class='aslide1'>Dr. (Professor) Ursula Franklin with Sister A.T. Sheehan</span> <span class='aslide1'>Dr. Robert Salter with the former Premier of Ontario, David Peterson</span> <span class='aslide1'>The Honorable Mitchell Sharpe with Senator Stanley Haidasz and Conchita Tan-Willman</span> <span class='aslide1'>Sister A.T. Sheehan, addressing the audience at the Great Hall, Universith Of Toronto</span>

"Creativity is the key to education in its fullest sense."
John P. Guilford